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Zaman Sheikh
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Md. Shamsuzzaman (Bengali: মোঃ শামছুজ্জামান), known professionally as Zaman Sheikh, is a Bangladeshi YouTube Personality based in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Zaman Sheikh (Md. Shamsuzzaman) is a Bangladeshi musical artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & internet personality Who is Mostly known as a digital marketer rather than a musician.

People call him Zaman Sheikh. Basically, Zaman Sheikh has two different words ‘Zaman Sheikh’. Here Zaman is a nickname or a name which is familiar to people & Sheikh is an Ancestral name given by his family

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Flutter App Developer

Full Stack Mobile app developer.
I have 1 year of experience developing android apps and, 6 years with flutter. Working as a designer on FoodMood App

Flutter & Dart
WordPress , HTML & CSS
DIgital Marketing

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Their appreciation is the biggest gain in my life.

Such youth can change the world.
Many prayers and best wishes for you.

Amit Sir

Everything is too easy for you , man.

Monzur Morshed

You can dot it . Just Continue..

Samuel Stevens

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